Police investigating “concerning” voicemail over wind farms

Another Round of Storms Thursday

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WANE) – A battle over potential wind farms in Huntington County has raised a red flag for police.  The sheriff’s department is investigating what officials call a concerning voice mail left on County Commissioner Larry Buzzard’s home phone.

Chief Deputy Chris Newton said someone identifying himself as “anonymous” recently called Buzzard’s home phone.  Newton said the voice mail wasn’t blatantly threatening, but the caller was trying to sway Buzzard’s opinion in a disturbing way.

Newton couldn’t release a copy of the message or any other details because of the ongoing investigation.

“Right now we’re just trying to identify the subject,” Newton said.  “I think once we identify who is making the phone call, I think we’ll have a better idea as to what their true intentions are.”

Wind farm battle blows into Huntington

Apex Clean Energy wants to invest $195 million in wind energy into the southeast part of Huntington County.  The plan is still preliminary, but it’s already drawn opposition from a group called Huntington County Concerned Citizens.  The group wants commissioners to add more restrictions to its wind energy ordinance.

Newton said the topic has drawn stark differences in opinions across the community.

“This is a very passionate issue when you start talking about property and lives and how things could be affected,” Newton said.

Wednesday, the Huntington County Plan Commission was supposed to hold a public meeting on the proposed wind energy plan.  It was canceled thanks to the snow.  At last check, the plan commission hasn’t set a date to reschedule the public meeting.

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