Residents push through winter fatigue

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Those who looked outside and thought “Here we go again!” weren’t alone Wednesday.  Mother Nature once again dumped several inches of snow on northeast Indiana.  Most may be tired of the winter blast, but after talking with folks in all four Fort Wayne quadrants, NewsChannel 15 discovered residents pushing through it with a positive attitude.

On the southwest side, Curtis Rowan helped his neighbors push their car out of a snow bank.  Northwest, AJ Joseph and his son Josiah shoveled and plowed heavy snow off their once cleared driveway.

Southeast, Ken Jones cleared off his snow-covered car for what seemed like the 50th time.

Northeast, Bob Straub plowed the entrance of a Planet Fitness on an ATV.  He’s been busy this season.

Most of the residents have had enough of the snow.  But Straub didn’t mind Wednesday’s winter blast.

“Just enjoying the weather!  God’s given us a bunch of snow and I’m just here to enjoy it,” Straub said.  “It keeps me occupied.  I’m retired and so I’m just doing this on the side to make a little extra cash.  It helps keep things going with the family.”

When asked if he was sick of the weather, Jones said something that summed up the attitudes of all four residents:  This is the Midwest.  Unpredictable weather comes with the territory.

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