Delayed snow storm made difficult decisions for school officials

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Go to class, or keep everyone home? That was the big question school leaders were faced with Wednesday.  Many districts in the area closed, while a couple decided to stay open despite the forecast.  School officials we spoke with said it was a difficult decision to make.  It was just as buses started picking up students that the rain quickly changed to snow.

Students at Bluffton-Harrison MSD and North Adams Community Schools went to school at regular time Wednesday.  Some parents of students were not happy about that.  Kelley McIver sent us a photo using our Report It feature of a bus in a ditch.  She said, “North Adams community schools sent kids to school today.  Big mistake.  Bus in ditch.  Kids all safe.  Another bus Came to rescue along with some parents.”

Beth Slusher Marchek saidm “So sad they did not cancel today. Someone out there did not have their thinking cap on.”

Kristie Cummings asked, “What in the world would make them think the driving conditions were safe enough for school to be in session? Didn’t they look out a window this morning?”

The Superintendent at Bluffton-Harrison says he checked road conditions before making the call.

“For us the decision at that time was based upon the present conditions of just wet and rainy,” Superintendent at Bluffton-Harrison MSD said.

As snow started falling making roads slick, officials at both districts quickly decided to dismiss early.

“It is what it is. I take responsibility for that since I’m the one making that decision for our district. So, that weighs heavily on me.”

Officials at Fort Wayne Community Schools chose to keep kids home Wednesday.

“As they were watching the radar, they knew that the snow was going to come and that it was going to hit us. So, ultimately we decided although we could have probably gotten some students to school we just didn’t know how quickly it was going to get bad,” Spokesperson for FWCS Krista Stockman said.

Spokesperson Krista Stockman says students just started ISTEP testing Tuesday.

Having a disruption like this, there’s a potential for setbacks for some students.”

FWCS may make up this school day by adding an additional hour to school days later in the year.

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