Police remind drivers to be mindful of school crossings

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Due to the extended school days for Fort Wayne Community Schools, drivers that don’t normally see School Crossing Guards may now encounter them during their commute.

According to release from police, these drivers “are creating a very significant safety concern by not stopping for crossing guards when required to do so.”

The Fort Wayne Police Department is asking drivers to be hyper-aware of School Crossing Guards near and around all schools in Fort Wayne. Extended school days will continue until April 11.

The state statue on school crossing zones is as follows:

IC 9-21-8-41.5
Vehicle entering school crossing zone; obeyance of instructions
Sec. 41.5.
(a) A person who drives a vehicle shall obey the instructions of a school crossing guard to stop the vehicle before entering a school crossing zone.
(b) Whenever a person who drives a vehicle approaches a school crossing zone, the person shall exercise extraordinary caution to secure the safety of children in the school crossing zone.
As added by P.L.116-1993, SEC.3.

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