Pizza Hut waitress saves customer’s life

A freeze warning for Friday morning

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (WANE) – A waitress at Pizza Hut used her experience as an EMT to save a man’s life Sunday.  Heather Bateman’s being considered a hero, but she said she wouldn’t call herself that after performing chest compressions on her customer, which helped save his life.

It happened Sunday night in the restaurant’s garden room, where Bateman was assigned for the evening.

“All I heard was somebody yelled call 911,” Bateman told NewsChannel 15.  “I yelled for my manager and he came down, and we saw a man still sitting in his chair with his head tilted back.”

The customer was Carl Weathers, 64.  “I felt dizzy,” he said.  “Then after that, I don’t remember anything, other than coming to with the EMS there.”

Weathers spent Sunday night in a local hospital.  Now that he’s back home, he has a nurse living with him for precautionary measures.  He said he is still feeling light-headed and dizzy.  He said doctors aren’t quite sure what happened to him, but they hope to know more when he returns Monday for a checkup.

“She was there at the right place, at the right time,” Weathers, a father of four said.  “It was a good thing that she was.  It helped me out a lot.”

Bateman and her manager helped get Weathers to the floor.  When she checked for a pulse, she couldn’t find one.  “I did three or four compressions and he had started to vomit,” she said.  “Once I got him on his side, he took a big breathe and he came to.”  Once paramedics arrived, Bateman had Weathers answering some simple questions.

Bateman said the news of her heroics spread quickly through town.  People have already reached out to her through Facebook to congratulate her for her work.

“It’s always an amazing feeling,” Bateman said.  “My adrenaline was obviously still pumping at the time, but I don’t call myself a hero.  I like to help people.”

Bateman continues to work in the medical field.  She said she’s a care taker for a local disabled man, and plans to pursue becoming an EMT again in the future.

When Weathers was taken out of the restaurant, Bateman told his son that they wouldn’t have to worry about the bill.  However, the son said he already took care of it.  “He said no, I owe you more than a tip,” Bateman said.

Weathers said he hopes to get back up the Pizza Hut to thank Bateman in person.

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