EACS survey results show improvement

East Allen County Schools

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) – Leaders at East Allen County Schools were pleased to see the community is more satisfied with the district’s work, compared to two years ago.  While the district’s image is improving, school board president Neil Reynolds said more work still needs to be done.

The school board, along with superintendent Dr. Ken Folks, presented the results of a recently completed climate survey to the public Tuesday night.  The survey, which was made available to anyone on the district’s website, was completed in January.  About 500 people in the district completed it, with the majority of people coming from the Leo-Cedarville area.

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“There are people who still are dissatisfied with the board, but then we’ve made great strides in our image, and showing that we really are interested in everyone,” Reynolds said.

The results were good news to a district, which after a similar survey in 2012 found there was a negative perception towards the district.  Those results also found that several expressed no confidence in former superintendent Dr. Karyle Green.  The 2012 survey was conducted by another former superintendent, Daryl Yost.

“You refer to the Yost Report,” Reynolds said.  “It was a very different world two, three years ago then what it is today.  The attitude of the district is different.  There was a great deal of disgruntledness.  Much of that has changed.  The Yost Report reflects a very different world than today.”One question asked was, “overall, I am satisfied with our District.”  Fifty-five percent of those surveyed agreed with the statement, which 17.6 percent said they strongly agreed.”The current administration seems to be a little more interested in what the parents think,” Eric Fletcher, a parent of a Leo-Cedarville area student, said.  He added that he wasn’t completely satisfied with the administration’s work.

Reynolds said the board tries its best to carry everyone’s best interest at heart, and said there has been counsel to help with getting the board to consider the district as a whole.

Another question asked, “The changes in the District over the past six months have been moving the corporation in a positive direction.”  More than half said they agreed or strongly agreed.  However, almost 24 percent said they needed more information.

Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Folks was hired last June.  “I think that’s fair,” Folks said.  “I haven’t even been here a year yet.”

Folks and Reynolds said the results of this year’s couldn’t match-up exactly with the 2012 results because the same questions were not asked.

“The comparison will probably be apples to oranges,” Folks said.  “Two years ago, it was conducted by Dr. Yost.  This year was done by a committee.  It had different questions.  There were probably twice the respondents.  We had about a 1,000 people on the Yost Report, and maybe half that this time.”

Board members said it’d be best to keep the wording in some of the questions the same for next year’s survey.

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