BBB: Firehouse Promotions not affiliated with Fire Dept.

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)   The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Northern Indiana is warning Fort Wayne business owners about an organization they say is falsely claiming affiliation with the Fort Wayne Fire Department.

According to the BBB release, Firehouse Promotions representatives have claimed affiliation with the Fort Wayne Fire Department and have claimed to be endorsed by local hospitals. The BBB reports that some have lost money to Firehouse Promotions, which has an F rating with the BBB.

The text on the logo on the Firehouse Promotions website claims the organization’s goal is: Providing value for your community through fire safety/Building strong ties between business and local fire departments.

The BBB asks that anyone who receives calls from Firehouse Promotions to be aware that it is not endorsed by the Fort Wayne Fire Department.

The following is the entire release sent by the BBB:

Less than 5 months ago, business owners were receiving calls from Firehouse Promotions. Representatives from this company were claiming affiliation with the Fort Wayne Fire Department (FWFD). One representative even mentioned a fire department employee by name and mentioned that local hospitals endorsed them and that kids and the fire department would benefit by a business’s purchasing ad space from them. “These statements were absolutely not true,” indicated FWFD Deputy Chief Mark Nelson of the Fort Wayne Fire Department after he received a call from an employee of a local business.

Fast forward 5 months later, this company is trying the same tactics again. This time we have a recording of one particular call that was reported.  Also we have reviewed their website, which specifically says that “We are contracted by YOUR local fire department to produce 8 1/2″ X 11″ dry erase memo boards to be distributed throughout YOUR local community by the firemen.” The business owner, who sent us the recording, contacted one of the Assistant Chiefs and the Deputy Chief of the fire department; both have told him that what the representative said was not true and that this company had tried claiming affiliation with the Fire Department back in September. Chief Nelson says “To date, we still have had no contact by Firehouse Promotions. We continue to have no affiliation or involvement of any kind with this company and have never provided any endorsements of their efforts. Their representation of our involvement is very misleading and inappropriate to say the least.” Unfortunately, some people have lost money to this company.

Firehouse Promotions currently has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. They have received 17 complaints of which 7 went unanswered, 2 were unresolved, 7 were resolved, and 1 where both parties failed to provide sufficient data towards a resolution. If you receive any calls from them, be warned that this is not a program endorsed by our local fire department. In fact, offices for this company are in Moline, IL and Maitland, FL. It is uncertain as to whether any fire department is affiliated with them.

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