Travel agencies see spike in business

Travel agents at Advance Travel on East State Boulevard, said they're extra busy this time of year.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Do you find yourself dreaming about being a warmer climate, on a beach somewhere? You’re not alone. Travel companies are seeing a boost in business this year due to one of the toughest winters Fort Wayne has had.

“”We are ready. I am so tired of snow and cold and we’re headed to Florida,” said Michael Blombach.

Blombach’s sentiments sound familiar to travel agents at Advance Travel.

“I haven’t been this busy or had this many trips in January and February as I had this year,” said Travel Agent Mike Smith of Advance Travel.

According to Smith, their busy season is usually between January and April. Business is usually made up of spring, summer and Christmas vacation plans and clients using their tax refunds. However, that’s not the case this year.

“The weather’s telling people, hey, we need to get out of here in two weeks, I’m tired of the winter, I’m tired of the snow, I’m tired of the ice, I’m tired of shoveling, so let’s go somewhere warm,” said Smith.

Smith said they don’t care about paying more for last-minute flights.

“People are going I don’t care, I will go, I will spend the $800 just get me out of here because this winter has been so rough.”

Advance Travel has seen about a 38 percent spike in business this year, with roughly 30 new clients per day.

Despite how good business has been, agents still said they’re ready for spring.

“Even despite the good business, I’m that over it myself.”

Smith highly encourages clients to buy insurance for your trip. That way, if the weather changes your plans, expenses are covered.

However, if you visit the agency now to get out of town soon, you’ll have to wait until after spring break since they’re booked.

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