Most agree winter has been toughest ever

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Now that March is here, most people agree that it’s time for spring.

On Friday, NewsChannel 15 Meteorologist Rob Lydick looked into how brutal the winter was.  Meteorological winter runs from December 1 to the end of February.

Many people had something to say about the winter on NewsChannel 15’s Facebook page.  Click here to read the comments.

According to Meteorologist Jesse Hawila, Fort Wayne had 59.4 inches of snow over those three months.  During that same span, 60 of the 90 days had a daily high temperature that was at 32 degrees or lower.

Farmers saw big losses due to those low temperatures.

“If they’re coming in for one or two items, they don’t usually want to stop and jump out,” Amy Slentz, who owns Cedar Creek Produce in Leo, said.  “So you do notice sales fall off a little bit.”

Dwight Fishburn has a family near Markle.  It was so cold that some of his chickens died due to the cold, and he lost vegetables he was growing in three large greenhouses.

“Frost got in, and even with some heat, we lost it,” Fishburn said the greenhouses had tomatoes, green peppers, and cucumbers.  “It cost about $5,000 just to start all that up, plus all the heat.”

Fishburn and Slentz were both at Saturday’s winter farmer’s market at Parkview Field.  Slentz said farmer’s markets helps a little during the non-peak seasons.

Many people saw a glimpse into spring Saturday while visiting the annual Home and Garden Show at the Coliseum.

“People have been cooped up inside their homes all winter, and maybe found things they didn’t like” Karen Tejada.  “Now they can come out here and see how they can change it.”

Visitors at the show said they couldn’t wait for spring to get here, and everyone who spoke with NewsChannel 15 agreed that this winter has been the toughest ever.

“I’m old enough to remember the winter of 1978,” Roger Hirschy, who lives in LaGrange, said.  “I believe we got more snow back then, but I don’t think it was as cold as this.  So I would say yes, this has been the toughest.”

Hirschy and his wife were planning on buying seeds to plant once the weather would allow it.

Jana Fey jokingly said she was beginning to believe spring would never show up.  “My brother just moved here from California,” she said.  “Now he’s ready to move right back to Indiana.”

Fey said she just wanted the weather to cooperate enough so her children would have a normal five-day school week.

“This is absolutely the worst winter ever,” Judy Thrasher said.  “This is really the first time I’ve wondered out, other then going to work and back.  It’s just been the longest and worst winter of my life.”

Thrasher said it was comforting to see grass, although it was dea

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