Health department closes another restaurant

China Garden Restaurant
China Garden, located at 5441 S. Anthony Blvd. in Fort Wayne was closed on February 26, 2014 for a pest issue.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  The China Garden restaurant was closed due to a pest problem by the Fort Wayne – Allen County Health Department on Wednesday.  So an approval to reopen has has not yet been issued.

China Garden was the 14th restaurant closed for health violations so far in 2013.  One restaurant, The Mandarin, has been closed twice.

In 2013 the health department closed a total of 23 restaurants for code violations.  John Silcox, the Director of Communications for the Fort Wayne – Allen County Department of Health told NewsChannel 15 that the department has received 158 food-related complaints so far in 2014.  However the department has been unable to follow up on all of them because of a lack of information.

In all there are 1600 food establishments in Allen County that fall under the authority of the health department.

“These closures represent a very small amount of facilities in Allen County that we regulate,” said Allen County-Fort Wayne Health Department official Ann Applegate.

China Garden closure notice
A notice posted at China Garden by the health department explains why the restaurant is closed.

The restaurant closures have focused lots of attention on the inspection process.  The health department has published a FAQ on its website that answers questions the public may have about the inspection process, including a question related to why NewsChannel 15 was able to show inspection photos online and on-air.


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