Brutal winter hurts businesses bottom line

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – This year’s winter has taken a toll on local businesses. Customers have spent more time at home than going out.

It may be hard to remember, but most of the country had a mild winter two years ago. Places like Headwaters Park Ice Skating Rink stayed open an extra week bringing in record attendance. Golf courses opened early because there wasn’t any snow on the course. This year, it’s a different story.

The ice rink brought in more than 26,000 visitors during the warm winter in 2012. The rink would be luck to bring in 20,000 visitors before it closes this Sunday.

“We’re posed to get maybe somewhere between 19,000,” said Geoff Paddock, executive director of Headwaters Park.

The iconic hot dog joint in Fort Wayne, Coney Island, has also been affected by this brutal winter. A manager told NewsChannel 15 that the business has seen fewer patrons last month. Not having customers has resulted in some workers leaving work early.

Workers at Pint and Slice Pizza restaurant in downtown Fort Wayne told NewsChannel 15 they’ve seen an increase in business this winter. A worker said there’s been at least a five percent increase in business compared to last year. Most of their customers are families that didn’t have to go to school or work due to the weather.

“We get a lot of the families on cancellation days and stuff like that that’ll come in,” said Marisa Akerman, a Pint and Slice worker. “We’re doing pretty good.”

Other local businesses had to close because of the weather or not having enough customers to serve. Closing down and not have customers have caused businesses to lose hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in revenue with in the last couple months.

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