Health Dept.: 15 restaurant closures in 2014

So far in 2014, 14 restaurants have been shut down.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  In 2013, a total of 23 restaurants were shut down by the Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department. This year, 14 have already been closed for Health Code violations; one of them twice. There have been 158 food-related complaints made to the department so far in 2014.

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Many of the closures have been for pest problems. Ann Applegate with the Department of Health told NewsChannel 15 that the discovery of just one cockroach merits shutting a restaurant down.

Several years of inspection results for Allen County Restaurants are available online at the Food and Consumer Protection page of the Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department website.

John Silcox, Director of Communications for the Health Department released the following list of restaurants closed in 2014:

  • Tilted Kilt of Fort Wayne – closed 1/25/14 due to extended interruption in hot water service.
  •  Golden Wok – closed 1/29/14 due to no water service at facility.
  •  The Mandarin – closed 1/29/14 due to cockroaches.
  •  Red Rok Saloon – closed 2/6/14 due to rodents.
  •  Apollo Coventry Cinemas – closed 2/11/14 due to rodents.
  •  Atz’s Ice Cream – Tillman location– closed 1/27/14 due to rodents.
  •  Atz’s Ice Cream – North Anthony location – closed 2/17/14 due to cockroaches.
  •  Naked TChopstix – closed 2/18/14 due to cockroaches.
  •  Lakeside Cafe – closed 2/19/14 due to cockroaches.
  •  Pizza by Vito’s –closed 2/20/14 due to cockroaches.
  •  The Rib Room – closed 2/24/14 due to cockroaches.
  •  Asakusa Japanese Restaurant – closed 02/24/14 due to cockroaches.
  •  The Mandarin – closed 2/25/14 due to cockroaches.
  •  Dicky’s Wild Hare – closed 2/25/14 due to cockroaches.
  • China Garden on South Anthony Blvd – closed 2/26/14 due to pests

NewsChannel 15 reported on the closures of The Mandarin and Dicky’s Wild Hare on Tuesday, shortly after the Lima Road Asakusa was approved to re-open.

The Mandarin was approved to re-open on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday afternoon, Dicky’s Wild Hare was re-opened after health inspectors approved the restaurant. China Garden remains closed.

Inspections and complaints

If you see something out of place at a restaurant, health officials ask you to let them know.  File a complaint by calling their office at (260) 449-7562 or fill one out online here.

Go to the Food and Consumer Protection page of the Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department website to see inspection results and for more information on food-related complaints.

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