Pothole solutions could take time

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Drivers across the city have been dodging potholes that are now deeper and wider. City officials said they will be looking at streets that possibly need a permanent fix, but not at this time.

Tun Khaing manages a Mynamar store off of State Blvd. and Kentucky Ave. He has a huge pothole near his store and said he hits it all the time.

“This hole has been there for two or three weeks are ready,” he said. “They tried to fix it every weekend, but not finished yet.”

Road crews were out Monday afternoon patching up the potholes along State Blvd. Frank Suarez, City of Fort Wayne Public Works spokesperson, said the constant freezing and thawing has caused potholes to get bigger this year.

“Some of the potholes that we have filled popped back out and causing more damage than what was there before,” said Suarez.

Suarez said the city can only do temporary fixes because the weather isn’t great for any permanent solutions.

“The temporary fix of the patch is something we continue to do in the winter,” he said. “The asphalt plants don’t open until the spring.”

City will not be able to assess any roads due to weather, too. Suarez said the city can’t make any everlasting fixes until it gets warmer outside. The city will also have to make sure there’s enough money in the budget to make permanent fixes, if there are any roads need it.


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