Ind. church divided after gay choir director told to step down

High Temps Saturday

ALEXANDRIA, Ind. (WISH) – Back in  January, WANE’s sister station WISH brought you the story of a  former church choir director who cannot get his old position back because he is openly gay. But Sunday, no matter what side of the issue church-goers were on, singing could be heard from the church.

Sunday morning, the streets of Alexandria were alive with the sounds of worship. Everyone who came to First United Methodist church to hear, speak and sing the word of God, don’t all believe in the same thing.

Adam Fraley was the church’s choir director for six years when he says he had no choice but to resign–because he’s gay.

“Its really difficult to come from a place of love and acceptance and heart and see other people treat others like that. I don’t care if you are a bible literalist or an atheist, you don’t treat other people that way,” Noelle Steele said.

Adam says he tried to get hired back under new leadership, but with no luck. That issue has divided church members.

Sunday was the first time they have been back for several weeks.

Off camera, a church member yelled in anger at Adam Fraley, and said that his supporters should be ashamed.

On the other hand, 20 to 30 people dressed in matching blue t-shirts said they accept Adam Fraley with open arms.

“Jesus would be OK with this,”one of the supporters told WISH’s Walter Allen.

Those blue t-shirts motivated the pastor to close their doors to the group. The pastor of the church told WISH that he supports the written word of god and that Sunday was more about protesting and less about the actual service and worship.

Adam says he just wants to fight for what he believes in and says that who he believes in will be with you inside the walls of this church or not.

“If it helps someone else and says that it’s OK and that god loves them, then its worth it,” he said.

Members who support Adam say they are not sure what the next step is. Adam would love to resume his position as the choir director. He was told he could be a member of the church, just not hold any leadership positions.

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