Kroger caters to special needs children with new cart

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Kroger has given the green light to put a new cart called Caroline’s Cart in its stores. The cart is used for special needs children who can’t fit or sit in regular sized carts.

Julie McGill has a special needs son. She said doctors don’t know his condition, but he can’t walk, crawl or sit up. She had to wait until her husband was home from work or find a babysitter before she went shopping because he can’t fit into a normal cart. When she did take him grocery shopping, she had to find a unique way to put him in it.

“I just have to lay him down in the base of the cart and hope for the best,” she said.

McGill was speaking with her son’s social worker when she found out about Caroline’s Cart. It was being tested at a few Kroger stores in Cincinnati last year. She contacted her local Kroger on Dupont Rd. to see if the store could get one for her son.

It was approved by Kroger to have the carts in its stores after the testing.

“It’s really wonderful because I really didn’t know what I was going to do as a solution,” McGill said. “Then, I heard about Caroline’s Cart, and I’m just very thankful.”

Caroline’s Cart is a cross between a wheelchair and grocery cart.  A mother and father out of Alabama with a special needs daughter came up with the idea.

The carts can be found at the Krogers on Dupont Rd. and in Kendallville, Ind. Kroger officials are also working to get Caroline’s Cart to the Kroger in Coventry. Each store will have two carts. If there’s a Kroger that doesn’t have the carts, customers can contact their local Kroger store managers and request them.

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