FBI: Raids at two homes are related

FBI at two homes in Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Fort Wayne Safe Streets Task Force (FWSSTF) spent about three hours raiding two homes in Fort Wayne on Friday.  It’s a unit known for targeting drug trafficking, gang activity, and violent crime.  But according to the FBI, its current priority is investigating gangs in Fort Wayne.

Officials said the investigations into the two homes are related. The first home is in the 3900-block of Reed Street, off of Rudisill Boulevard.  The second home is in the 2900-block of Genessee Avenue, in between Ardmore Ave. Bluffton Road.  At this point, the FBI isn’t releasing much about the raids

Investigators brought out a large box from the home on Genessee Avenue, put the box into a vehicle, and drove away around 1:45 p.m.

A neighbor on Reed Street told NewsChannel 15 he’s thankful for the investigation because of the gang activity around that area.

“It feels kind of dangerous because of all the guns and gang members out there right now,” said Hilario Ramirez.  “This happened here a couple months ago.  We know that we’re being protected by the police and they’re doing their job.”

Anthony Beckstedt lives next door to the home on Genessee Avenue and witnessed the raid.

“A bunch of unmarked cars and SWAT team vans came up.  The next thing you know a whole army came out.  I just went and got my wife and kid and got them in the other room,” Beckstedt said.  “Guys just came out of the car all armed to the teeth and went and surrounded the house and I heard what sounded like a couple smoke grenades went off.”

There’s no word on a reason for the raids or if anyone has been taken into custody.  A public information officer with the FBI didn’t know when that information would be made public.

The FWSSTF is comprised of FBI agents and officers from the Indiana State Police, Allen County Police Department, and Fort Wayne Police Department.

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