Police: Ex-husband threatens to “chop up” woman and family

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  – Police say a man who had a no contact order against his ex-wife was so upset about not being able to see their son that he sent threatening voicemails and emails to her saying he would “hunt her down like a (obscenity) dog and cut her up into little pieces.”

Police said Quentin D. Getzel, 25, violated the no contact order at least five times since December of 2013. Getzel apparently left voicemails on his ex-wife’s work phone calling her a slew of offensive names.

In January, police said Getzel sent his ex-wife two emails saying that he was “going to bring hell down on her family and she better watch starting her car.” He also emailed her saying “he would hunt her down like a (obscenity) dog and cut her up into little pieces, but keep her alive the whole time, until there is nothing left.”

Police said on February 11, Getzel sent his ex-wife’s parents an email saying “I WILL COME FOR ALL YOUR (obscenity) HEADS TO PUT ON A PLATTER!”

According to police, Getzel told detectives in an interview he knew he had a no contact order against his ex-wife, unless it involved talking to their five-year-old son. He also said he was mad about not being allowed to see his son so he said those things to get his ex-wife’s attention.

According to court documents, Getzel is facing multiple counts of Invasion of Privacy, a class D felony, and Intimidation (Threat is to Commit a Forcible Felony), also a class D felony.

As of Thursday morning, Getzel was listed in the Allen County Jail.

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