Disabled veteran helps community by clearing drains

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Flooding has been a major concern across northeast Indiana Thursday. A Fort Wayne man spent Wednesday and Thursday clearing drains to make sure water doesn’t flood his neighbors’ home and students have somewhere to walk.

Stanley Noel is a disable veteran who served in Alaska. He said his doctor diagnosed with lymphedema in his leg.  Doctors told him he shouldn’t be on his leg 90 percent of the time. He spent most of Wednesday and Thursday shoveling ice away from drains to help Harrison Hill Elementary students.

“When it started melting like it today and yesterday, that water was about six inches deep,” he said.

Noel said he was watching the news when he saw the city asking residents to clear the drains to help with melting snow and ice. He realized students who walk to Harrison Hill Elementary School were having problems walking through the standing water, ice and snow. Mound up snow and ice made it difficult for him to find the drains.

“Yesterday, I couldn’t figure out where the drain was at, but I found it all the way at the end of the neighbor’s drive,” said Noel.

Neighbors told NewsChannel 15 they thank him for taking responsibility in the community and helping out. He’s been known for helping mow lawns, fix bicycles and even helping with neighbor’s groceries.

Noel said he never wanted recognition. He said he lives by simple values: help if you’re able, don’t wait to get something accomplished and always pay it forward.

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