Cedar Point announces new ride for 2014

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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WANE)  Some time during the summer, visitors to Cedar Point amusement park will be able experience a ride that will catapult them nearly 360 feet into the sky at speeds of up to 62 miles an hour.

The SlingShot will hold two persons at a time and will take those riders to the second highest point in the park, just below the Top Thrill Dragster.  After a brief feeling of weightlessness, riders will descend back towards the ground before being catapulted back up and down until eventually the capsule they are riding in comes to a rest.  SlingShot will be located near the Gemini roller coaster and will be an extra charge amusement ride according to a news release issued by Cedar Point.

Photo provided by Cedar Point
Photo provided by Cedar Point

Cedar Point also announced several new dining options for 2014.  A Starbucks will be located in the former Donut Time location while there will also be a new Auntie Anne’s and a Cinnabon.  Chickie’s and Pete’s Sports Bar will open in the former Game Day Grille location and there will be a Coca-Cola Freestyle station and a Yogurt Plus.

The park opens for the season on Saturday, May 10.

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