2013-2014 could set highest snowfall record

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Fort Wayne is just a couple of inches shy of breaking the all-time snow record for a season.

Right now, the Summit City has officially seen 58.9 inches of snow. So, that means the city only needs 2.3 inches of snow to break the 32 year record. If we’re going to break the record, it has to happen by next Friday.

NewsChannel 15 spoke to a handful of people at Phil’s One Stop, off of Hillegas Road. Some were in the middle.

“I’m a baseball player so I don’t really like the snow, I’m ready for it to be over, but I mean, it’d be cool to break the record,” said Chaise Kahlenbeck.

Most said they want to be part of history.

“I like to see records broke in my lifetime, I enjoy seeing things like that,” said Tom Jackson.

“If you’re that close, you know, why not push it, I’m tired of working in it though that’s for sure,” said George Johnson.

“Don’t know how many more years I’ll live, I think maybe I’d like to go for the record, we’ve put up with it this long,” said Bruce Fidler.

Fidler remembers the blizzard of ’78. The city got 49.8 inches of snow that season, the third highest ever. We’ve already surpassed that this year.

“Heard my old grandparents and folks talk about major snowfalls and breaking records of course, this is a beautiful sunny day and not 20 below zero, ask me on a day like that, I’ll go I’m done with it, but today, yeah, two more inches is all we need? Why not,” said Fidler.

All but one NewsChannel 15 spoke to does not want to break the record.

“I own a lake property. So, I’m ready for spring and summer and sunshine,” said Bob Cummins.


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