Water main breaks cause bumpy road

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The cold weather is causing headaches for drivers and city crews. That’s because some main streets feel more like railroad tracks. In at least one case, city officials are blaming the rough road on a water main break.

Drivers describe the condition of East State Boulevard between Parnell and Crescent Avenues is less than ideal.

City officials said we’ve had between seven and eight water main breaks just this past weekend. Three of them were on State Boulevard.

Frank Suarez, Spokesperson for City Utilities said as the ground gets hard, the freeze line goes down and gets close to the pipes. The stress from that frozen ground breaks old pipes.

Crews put down what’s known as cold patches to get rid of left-over ice. It’s similar to filling a pothole. Cars go over this patch, making it sink down in places and giving the road a bumpy effect.

“It causes a lot of grief for a lot of people, especially people with broken tie rods and all the other car troubles people have.” said Diana Honeick.  

The problem is crews are only able to temporarily fix the problem with those cold patches until mid to late Spring, when temperatures allow a longer-lasting fix. 

According to city officials, we’ve had roughly 120 water main breaks this year. That’s about one-third of last year’s total. Crews are working over-time and the city is calling in other departments and contractors to assist in these breaks.

The goal is to replace atleast nine miles of old piping per year to help alleviate this problem.


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