Drug-laced candy found in southwest Indiana

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – It’s an ever-evolving problem – and now, parents have one more type of drug to look out for.

Drug-laced candies are making an appearance in Indiana, especially in the southwest.

Candy laced with drugs, a prevalent enough problem state troopers across southwest Indiana are posting it on their social media sites.

THC is a chemical compound found in marijuana that gives users that high.

“THC candies that are laced reportedly have as much as two to three times more THC levels than a normal marijuana cigarette,” said Sergeant Joe Watts, Indiana State Police.

Troopers have encountered suckers, hard-rock candy and gummy worms and bears with this illegal drug on them..

The picture on this story is candy troopers in Vigo County suspect has THC on it.

At the moment, it’s at the lab being tested.

So this is a very real problem happening right in our backyard.

“We think there are people in the area learning to extract the THC from marijuana and putting it on the candy and then re-selling the candy,” said Sergeant Watts.

Law enforcement wants to make parents aware of it, but also, school officials, where it could be difficult to spot.

“What may be a normal student eating candy, going down the hall, may in fact be laced with THC,” said Sergeant Watts.

Something to look out for.

“A lot of the candies we’re coming across are not in factory packaging. They’re in plastic containers, baggies, envelopes, non-descript packaging,” said Sergeant Watts.

One of law enforcement’s major concerns is leaving the candy around for young children to get ahold of.

Watts say you can buy testers online to test candy yourself at home.

You can also call them to test it out if you’re suspicious.

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