Fake computer call raises concern

Computer technicians in Huntington are seeing a fake phone call targeting the elderly more often.

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WANE) – Computer technicians in Huntington are seeing an increase in fake phone calls targeting the elderly.

Computer technicians at Orion Solutions, Incorporated said they first started seeing customers come in with concerns during the summer, but recently, they’ve seen infected computers almost every day.

They said they are getting reports of people getting calls from a person claiming to work for Microsoft. The caller tells the victim there’s a problem with the computer, and it needs to be fixed. The caller will take control of the computer and show the victim normal, non-harmful error messages that would typically appear on a computer. Then, they offer to fix the problem for a fee. However, technicians said the caller is actually installing virus-like programs on the computer.

Even though computer shops normally profit from situations such as these, staff at Orion said it’s not fair for people who are typically on a fixed income to be preyed on.

“Everyone that’s coming in with this problem seems to be the elderly type, and I’m trying to avoid my parents, or your parents, or my friends parents of being taken advantage of,” said Jack Haneline, who’s the office manager at Orion.

Technicians said if the caller does get a hold of files on a computer there is a possibility the hackers could put tracking programs on the device in order to get credit card or other information.

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