Valentine’s Day gifts thrive despite wicked weather

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The winter weather has impacted everything from schools to businesses, and put cause some concern for stores that specialize in gifts for Valentine’s Day.  Regardless of the weather, stores in the area say they are still very busy this Valentine’s Day.

Photos: Valentine’s Day in Fort Wayne

Some people decided to face the weather head on and others went the more traditional route with flowers and chocolates.

A rather large Valentine’s Day gift sits off of a busy section of State Road 1 just south of Spencerville. Kenny Musgrove rented the billboard for his wife, Jeanne.  The sign includes several heart-felt messages and deems Mrs. Musgrove as Kenny’s “best friend and partner for life.”

Others looking to celebrate the holiday headed to local flower and chocolate shops. DeBrand Chocolate and Flowers of Canterbury both kept very busy on this holiday. DeBrand says the weather forced them to close early several days this season, but they are staying open all day on Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day and the day before, February 13th, are our two busiest days of the year,” said Melissa Fuller, a customer service representative at DeBrand.

The freezing temperatures have caused issues for flowers, though.

“We’ve had a problem with flowers freezing, with the cold temperatures and coming in on the trucks, and all that, and we’ve had a problem with some stuff coming in from Miami. The cold weather does do a number on flowers. They were calling for ice last night, or the freezing drizzle, so that was a main concern, because it’s just hard to get stuff done in a quickly manner when the roads are slick.” said Tracey Scriber, the manager at Flowers of Canterbury

Despite the cold’s threat, the shop still excepts to make hundreds of deliveries. 275 to be exact. On a typical day, they average around 50. Regardless of any negative impact caused by this year’s weather, shops say they are happy to help others on this special day.

“It’s a great feeling. I see one of my top jobs as making people happy, and that is no truer than on Valentine’s Day,” said Fuller.

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