“Sandbox Veteran” admits to illegal activity

Sandbox Veteran "volunteer" Adam Silvani walks out of the Bud Meeks Justice Center in downtown Fort Wayne.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A member of the Sandbox Veterans admitted to illegally stopping or standing on a sidewalk Friday.  While it may be a minor infraction legally, the admission has larger implications for an organization that collects donations from drivers at intersections.

Adam Silvani appeared before a judge Friday for the infraction.  The state law cited against him is aimed at avoiding conflict with traffic and law enforcement.  Silvani had no comment about the citation Friday.

The Sandbox Veterans collect donations from generous drivers around intersections in Fort Wayne.  Members of the group say 100 percent of donations go back to helping Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.  But 15 Finds Out has uncovered a lot of concerns in the community about the legitimacy of the organization.

Many drivers call them aggressive.  Despite concerns in the community the group will not publicly outline where donations are going.  The Indiana Attorney General’s Office has also launched an investigation thanks to the 15 Finds Out special reports and viewer response.

Attorney General to investigate Sandbox Veterans

While it’s unclear if the Sandbox Veterans will continue to collect donations in the illegal way, Silvani received a different citation just this week.

A woman who lives on North Anthony Blvd. said Silvani came to her door around 8:00 p.m. Wednesday trying to sell used Bibles.  She found the encounter disturbing and apparently wasn’t the only one.  Someone else called the cops on Silvani for doing the same thing.  He was cited for not having a transient merchant license.

Silvani will have to pay $35.50 for illegally stopping or standing on the sidewalk.

Tune in next week to hear what veterans organizations across Fort Wayne say about the Sandbox Veterans, as 15 Finds Out continues its series, “Patriots or Panhandlers.”

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