Apartment robber sentenced to 68 years

Mug shot of Devonte M. Hamlet.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A man involved in a string of 2013 armed robberies at several Fort Wayne apartment complexes was sentenced to 68 years in prison on Friday.

Devonte M. Hamlet, 21, of Fort Wayne, pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges in December, including robbery, criminal confinement, and causing bodily injury.

Hamlet and three other men robbed several people at Island Club and Cambridge Square Apartments in January of last year. See the timeline at the end of this article to see all the apartment robberies NewsChannel 15 reported on.

In one incident, court documents describe Hamlet and another suspect entering an unlocked Cambridge Square apartment armed with guns.  Once inside, they forced two victims to the floor at gunpoint and bound them with zip ties. In one case, they tied up a child.

The suspects then went upstairs and woke up a third victim.  While trying to bind him, the victim punched Hamlet’s accomplice in the face.  Hamlet then hit the victim in the head with his hand gun, bound the victim with zip ties, and covered his head with a blanket.

According to police, Hamlet and his accomplice took cell phones, $600 in cash, and other electronic items before leaving.

As the suspects were leaving, one of the victims freed himself from his zip ties, got a handgun from his closet and fired at the suspects, according to court documents. Around midnight that same night, Hamlet was dropped off at a Parkview  hospital with a gun shot wound to the buttocks.

On February 12, police announced to media that they had linked Hamlet to a string of apartment robberies. They believed him to be one of four who worked together to commit the majority of January’s apartment robberies.

Soon thereafter, police arrested  Tiron Beard, Corey Harris, and Michael Jefferson, all of whom have since pleaded guilty. The three are scheduled to be sentenced in March 2014.

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