Locals believe historic move on HJR 3 will affect Hoosier families

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Indiana Senate advanced their proposal on HJR 3 that excludes the second sentence in the bill Thursday, banning civil unions. Locals believe the removal of the second sentence in this bill will impact the family structure.

“Children come from only one union,” said Dr. Peter Scaer, a Lutheran pastor. “Children come into the world from a union between one man and one woman.”

Jeannie DiClementi and her partner have two children. They said removing the second sentence from HJR-3 will offer benefits for their family just like a heterosexual couple.

“We are both adopting mothers and we were concerned that that could be used to invalidate our adoption in the State of Indiana,” said DiClementi.

Both sides can agree that the debate and discussion of a state constitutional ban on gay marriage is far from over.

Indiana laws require that constitutional amendments  must be passed by two separately elected legislatures before the proposal can go to voters for approval. The next time it could go before voters will be 2016.

Opponents of the constitutional ban believe by 2016, the latest it could go before voters, there could be a switch on the negative perception of gay marriage. Opponents said this could change the likelihood of ending the proposal on a constitutional ban.

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