Snow-filled sidewalks force walkers to use street

Jim Jones walks on the road because snow fills the side area.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Snow buildup along with snow-covered sidewalks are forcing people who walk to get where they’re going to use busy streets.

Video captured kids who were forced to walk on the street to school because sidewalks weren’t clear.

Across town, a couple of men are going through a similar situation.

“Walking’s the scariest thing,” said Jim Jones.

Jones is staying at a nearby motel, hoping to find work.

Right now, snow-covered sidewalks or no sidewalks at all put Jones on high alert.

“There’s no room whatsoever, you gotta be standing out here in the road and a lot of times, you’re scared if traffic’s going to see you or not,” said Jones.

He’s made this walk on Coliseum for almost four months, sometimes a couple times a day.

“It’s kind of scary, especially in the evening, when the sun’s down or wahtever, you don’t know, if they’re going to see you or not,” said Jones.

Jones said he’s had a few close calls.

“I’ve been splashed, had slush thrown on me, I”ve had to jump out on the side of the road, younger drivers and texters, that’s probably the biggest thing, I don’t know.”

We caught up with another walker, Vincent Martin, toward the end of his trip.

“Hard to get around, it’s just too much snow packed in some places, you gotta walk through it, it’s horrible,” said Martin.

He walks to get the bus, and then again after the bus drops him off near his job at Arby’s.

Like Jones, he said one of the most dangerous parts is not being able to see traffic.

“It can be because you gotta look behind you and stuff, you don’t want to get hit,” said Martin.

According to state and city officials, clearing the sidewalks is the property owner’s responsibility.

On state highways, the state handles curb to curb.

The city has issued close to 200 citations in the past couple of weeks for sidewalks not shoveled.

Since this has been an unusual winter with heavy snow, officials said residents need to help each other.

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