Suicidal crash suspect previously charged with vehicular homicide

Left: July 2008 mug shot of Jeremiah Therkelsen after his arrest in Chatham County, Georgia. Right: January 2014 mug shot of Jeremiah Therkelsen after his arrest in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – We first told you Friday afternoon about a horrific crash just outside of the entrance to Canterbury Green apartments.  The driver who police believe caused the accident has been arrested, and told police he was trying to kill himself.  NewsChannel 15 uncovered 32-year-old Jeremiah Therkelsen has a bit of a history.

Crash on St. Joe Road
Crash on St. Joe Road

According to court documents, just after noon on Friday, February 7th, 2014, 32-year-old Jeremiah Therkelsen aggressively drove his green 1995 Honda Accord into the back of a silver 2007 Ford Crown Victoria causing serious bodily injury to the driver Lamonta Green.  After the crash, Therkelsen tried to leave the scene on foot.  While trying to leave the scene, police said Therkelsen hit another car with his fist causing it to shatter, and also ripped the driver’s side mirror off.  Police took Therkelsen into custody Friday afternoon.

Officers say Therkelsen had been injured in the crash and needed treatment.  He was sent to the Parkview Regional Medical Center.  According to court documents, Detective B. Martin met with Therkelsen in the hospital.  He read him his Miranda Warnings.  Therkelsen told Detective Martin he had been fighting with his wife, 21-year-old Lily Therkelsen, and that he tried to kill himself twice.  Detective Martin asked him what he meant by that and Therkelsen said he took his wife’s car and intentionally drove it into the back of another car.

“I closed my eyes and put my foot on the gas,” Jeremiah Therkelson told Detective Martin.

Therkelsen told police he stopped once he hit the back of the car.  He then said after he did not die from the impact of the crash he tried to jump in front of a moving vehicle.  Police asked if he tried to help any of the other drivers hurt in the crash, Therkelsen said he did not and did not consider what his actions would do to others.

The driver of the 2007 silver Crown Victoria, Lamonta Green, was taken to the Intensive Care Unit at the Parkview Regional Medical Center and was listed in critical condition.

Therkelsen faces three charges:  criminal recklessness, failure to stop after an accident resulting in injury, and criminal mischief.

According to Therkelsen’s Indiana marriage license, he and Lily filed for marriage in Allen County on January 20, 2012.  Jeremiah is originally from Iowa and Lily from the United Kingdom.  His wife is not commenting on matters right now.

Therkelsen is due back in court Thursday.


Therkelson’s Past

Jeremiah Therkelsen was indicted in 2009 by a grand jury in Chatham County, Georgia on a charge of vehicular homicide.  According to the spokesperson at the Chatham County, Georgia Sheriff’s Department, on July 3, 2008 Therkelsen was booked on charges of DUI, reckless driving, serious bodily injury, and homicide by vehicle.  Therkelsen is accused of driving drunk and too fast in Chatham County, Georgia and ultimately killing his passenger, 26-year-old Dennis Springer, as a result of his recklessness.  At the time Therkelsen was enlisted in the U.S. Army and so was Springer.  It’s unclear if Therkelsen was discharged.

Therkelsen was sentenced to 12 years probation.

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