Snowed-in cars could face fines

Futurecast winds

Fort Wayne city officials are getting dozens of complaints daily about cars that are buried under piles of snow, so they’ve had to start enforcing an old ordinance more often.

“It’s a complaint driven ordinance, so we don’t actively go out and look for vehicles in the street,” John Perlich with the Mayor’s Office said.

The ordinance is designed to promote road safety during winter months. When cars sit for days under piles of snow, it blocks access for emergency personnel, snow plows, and commuters. Perlich said if a vehicles is reported, the city will go to the location and place a red tag on the car.

“We inspect those vehicles that we tag every other day or every three days,” Perlich said.

If the car is not moved within that time period, then it could be towed because it’s creating a dangerous situation.

“Where the car is, snow continues to come out further and further into the road, so when that freezes up and becomes ice, then you can’t push it anymore,” James Dresser, a plow driver, said.

City Leaders said they’ve had to flag several dozen cars this winter but have only towed a handful of them because they are trying to be flexible with the active winter weather.

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