Snow days cost FWCS thousands in lunches

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) 11 snow days for Fort Wayne Community Schools has cost the district thousands of dollars.

It’s a snow day consequence you might not have thought about: when kids are home from school, their lunch doesn’t get eaten.

The nutrition process center at FWCS is now left to make up at least $30,000 in lost meals.

“We pack today, to travel to the schools tonight, to eat tomorrow,” said Candice Hagar, Director of Nutrition Services of FWCS.

However, when this winter blast cancels school for several days in a row, serving it to students before it goes bad becomes an issue.

“If it’s been over six days, we won’t serve it, period because we have a seven day rule,” said Hagar.

Fort Wayne Community School’s Nutrition Process Center wasn’t able to serve two packs, or two days worth of food. Each pack costs between $15,000 and $18,000.

“For all the days we’ve been closed this year, having to do away with just two packs has been really, really good,” said Hagar.

The center donated it to area food banks, including the Community Harvest Food Bank and The Rescue Mission.

“It adds up so any type of donation that we get from any local organization goes directly to help make meals,” said Chris Richardson, Food Services Manager for The Rescue Mission.

With the donated food, it was able to serve around 1,200 meals. Some of them still went to area kids.

“Since those kids aren’t in school, we’re getting an influx of those kids coming down with mothers or whoever they stay with coming down and having lunch,” said Richardson.

The center plans on making up for its loss at the end of the year, by conserving product.

Parents and schools will not see a cost increase.

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