Lack of clearance around mailboxes could result in no mail delivery

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Some neighborhoods across the city haven’t been receiving mail due to snow being packed around mailboxes. Mail carriers will not deliver mail if there’s no clearance around mailboxes, according to the U.S. Postal Service.

Northwest Passage is one of the neighborhoods where homeowners have not received mail in the last couple days. Joe Hillyard, the neighborhood association president, said he was made aware of the situation by the mail carrier who didn’t deliver mail to some homeowners.

“I called out our plow service,” Hillyard said. “They came in and pushed it back.”

Hillyard called Jeremy Maidment, owner of Professional Maintenance and Landscaping. Maidment said he’s received calls from other neighborhood associations about removing snow from around mailboxes. He said removing the snow in the condition it’s in is harder than it looks. He’s received damage from his equipment from trying to remove all the snow and ice from not only mailboxes, but from roadways and driveways too.

“With this rock hard snow, even with a big truck or even sometimes with a bobcat, it’s really difficult those mounds of snow,” Maidment said.

Maidment came out and removed the snow from around the mailboxes. Hillyard said he was told by the mail carrier the following day it wasn’t good enough. The mail carrier gave Hillyard a diagram that showed exactly how the mailboxes should be cleared. In the diagram, it showed there should be 15 feet on each side of the mailbox for a mail carrier to get to it and deliver the mail. If the mail carrier doesn’t feel that was done, he or she has the discretion to not deliver the mail.

Hillyard will be talking with the postmaster Saturday to review if the current clearance is safe enough for the mail carrier to deliver mail.

The U.S. Postal Service asks residents to remove any snow from around mailboxes. If a resident didn’t receive mail, a USPS spokesperson said it can be picked up at the post office.

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