Fake jury duty calls should be reported to police

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  – According to police, several people throughout the state have received fake jury duty phone calls where the caller accused the person of failing to appear for jury duty. The caller then tells the victim that they can either appear in court, or pay a fine.

Police said these calls happened in Henry and Hamilton counties, north of Indianapolis.

According to Indiana State Police, Indiana courts never ask potential jurors, or those who missed jury duty, for money. Courts also never ask for specific bank account numbers, credit card information or PIN numbers and never call jurors and pressure them to reveal personal information, especially financial information.

In Indiana, all initial contact with potential jurors is conducted in writing through the mail, not over the phone.  If a person fails to appear for jury duty the judge can send the sheriff to compel the individual to attend jury selection. A judge can hold an individual in contempt and require the individual to pay a fine for failure to appear.

Questions about jury service or failure to appear for jury duty should be directed to the clerk or court in the county where you live. For a list of contact information, click here.

If you have received a call regarding jury duty, call police immediately.

To see the video produced by Federal Court officials warning the public about fake jury duty phone calls, click here.

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