City could reimburse homeowners for damaged property due to plowing

File Photo: Todd Saalfrank used Report!t to send NewsChannel 15 this photo of city plows

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Snow is still piled up all across the city due to plowing and shoveling, but some homeowners have experienced some property damage because of it.

There are some homeowners with toppled mailboxes and trash cans. Some of those mailboxes have been completely knocked over, even broken.

According to the city, if a property owner believes its items: mailboxes, trees, sprinkler head, etc., was damaged by a snow plow, the homeowner can file a claim with the city clerk. Once the claim is filed, the city will launch an investigation into the matter. If the city finds it was at fault, it will reimburse the property owner for the damage.

If a homeowner has damage to a garbage cart, call 311 to find out what options are available to replace it.

Fire officials are also having issues with fire hydrants being covered with snow. Fire officials ask homeowners to take the extra time to clear those hydrants.

“It’s very important that one of the things that our firefighters do is roll up to a scene is to look for and locate a fire hydrant,” said Stacey Fleming, Fort Wayne Fire Department spokesperson. “That saves valuable time if indeed if we need to tap into that hydrant for a water source.”

For more information about accidental property damage and who could be responsible, click here.

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