Snow creates dangers for drivers and pedestrians

Snow on area sidewalks has forced some pedestrians to walk on the road.

This has been the second snowiest winter in Fort Wayne history.  And with our bitter cold conditions, the snow we recently picked up isn’t going anywhere. Many sidewalks remained covered with several inches of snow on Wednesday. And even though plow trucks have been working non-stop to treat neighborhood roadways, the large amounts of snow piled up have made them narrow in some places. You may even have to wait for oncoming traffic before proceeding on some streets. These problems combined have made for some hazards to both pedestrians and drivers.

City officials would like to remind area residents and businesses that a city ordinance requires they clean sidewalks in their areas. This may be something you need to work together with your neighbors to do, especially in the case of street corners, and helping those out who may not be physically able to clear the sidewalks.

The city is doing its best to address the issues with narrow roadways, but that also may require some neighborhood teamwork. According to Frank Suarez of Fort Wayne Public Works,  “…A number of residents have cooperated. We understand that sometimes it’s not possible to move your car when we bring our plows through your neighborhood. But, we’ve had many that have. We’ve gotten emails from people who said we’ve gotten all of our neighbors to move their car, we’re ready for you to come to our street.”

If you’re a pedestrian, be sure to pay attention to traffic and your surroundings. Avoid walking on roads if at all possible. Dress appropriately – though sidewalks may be treated, you may still have to tread through some snow drifts. As a driver, remember to share the road with oncoming traffic – especially on narrow streets. Also, slow down and don’t get too close to pedestrians. 

The snow will be here for a while, so use extreme caution to stay safe!

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