Police find meth-related items, bloody syringes

Police find meth-related items, bloody syringes in Auburn

AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) – Auburn police said they found items commonly associated with meth use in a plastic bag in a parking lot on Tuesday.

According to the Auburn Police Department, a plastic garbage bag with Coleman Fuel, coffee filters, stripped lithium batteries, plastic tubing, small bags containing white residue, and used syringes with blood residue, was found in a parking lot in the 1700-block of Sprott Street.

Police disposed of all of the items. No suspects have been arrested as of Wednesday afternoon, according to police.

Citizens are encouraged to call police if they find a suspicious object that may be related to the use or manufacture of meth. Police said if you do find something, do not touch it, leave the area immediately, and call police.

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