People help dig cars out of deep snow

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Many people in the Fort Wayne area are helping each other out as snow once again filled neighborhoods and streets.

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At the corner of Wells and Third Streets, two men helped push cars out of the deep snow all morning. The cars kept getting stuck on Third Street at the intersection and they’d push them out. They helped more than a dozen cars in just two hours.

“We were going to the Burger Dairy and then head back to the Mission. We got sidetracked with helping people. People kept getting stuck so we decided we’d sit here and help anybody in need,” Adam Schlatter said.

Adam and his friend Scotty Meeks said they just want to give back to the community.

“We could just walk past people, but we’re not. We’re out here helping. We don’t expect any money. We don’t expect a ‘Thank you.’ We don’t expect anything. At least we can rest our head at night and say that we helped,” Scotty said.

The two men live at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission. While they are homeless, they said that won’t stop them from contributing.

“The clothes on my back are all I have. I’m just doing good for my community. I’m new here. I’ve been here three weeks and I’m doing my part,” Adam said.

The pair would enthusiastically run up to cars as they got stuck and always had a smile and a wave once the car was free. They also helped some nearby homeowners and businesses shovel their sidewalks. They hope their actions will encourage more people to lend a hand.

“If you see someone stuck, help them out,” Scotty said.

Spencer Kistler and Jeff Timmons were also hard at work Wednesday morning shoveling the sidewalk in their neighborhood.

“We live across from a school and we want the kids to be safe,” Spencer said.

They said they do notice more good Samaritans out when there are big snow storms.

“If we were in need we’d want someone to help us out and if they’re in need we’d like to help them out,” Jeff said.

Spencer added it’s good karma.

“What goes around comes around. I know I’m going to need help someday and when I need help I appreciate it,” he said.

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