People just plain tired of the snow

Another snow storm is here, and a lot of people are beginning to say they've had enough this winter.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Another big snow storm came upon us Tuesday evening, and many people are fed up with what Mother Nature has brought the area this winter.

The NewsChannel 15 weather team reported that before Tuesday, Fort Wayne had 43.6 inches of snow this winter.  January along had 30.3 inches, the highest month-long record, for any month ever.

“We’re moving to Texas in June,” Brian Hegbli said.  “So this snow makes me want June to get here a lot quicker.”

Hebli spent part of Tuesday night shoveling his driveway.  He said he had to shovel it to get up the hill, and then would snow blow it again in the morning.

The projected six to 10 inches of snow has also meant another rush at local grocery stores.

“I have lots of kids at home,” Sheron Armstrong said after shopping at a local Scott’s store.  “My kids like to eat, and I think we may be stuck at home for a couple of days.”

Armstrong, like many others, said she’s ready for winter to be over.

“Oh my God, just stop,” Jarred Armenta said he wanted to say to Mother Nature.  “This is crazy.  Stop!  What did we do?  This is nuts.”

Armenta was also stopping at a grocery store to pick up some essentials.

Many people have spent a lot of time this winter outside shoveling snow, and have literally gotten tired of it.

“I have to shovel the sidewalks and the porch,” Orlando Pearson, who has had seven big shoveling days this winter, said.  “It’s tedious.”

Many people who spoke with NewsChannel 15 Tuesday night said they thought the snow storm would just make things in the area worse, as some parts of the city still have ice-covered streets.

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