Businesses finding unique places to move mountains of snow

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s a sight you’ve most likely seen at big box stores and shopping centers across the area – mountains of snow.  With more of it on the way, businesses are having to get creative when it comes to where they’ve going to put all of it.

Officials at businesses we spoke with said they’ve been piling the snow up near the edge of their lots, and they plan on continuing to do that.  Unfortunately, there’s just not much businesses can do.  

“We all don’t have a little extra grass area on the side where we can dump it,” spokesperson for Kroger John Elliott said.

Snow’s not only becoming a nuisance for you but for area businesses too.

Kroger spokesperson John Elliott said the goal’s to move it to the outer edge of the stores’ parking lots so there’s plenty of parking for customers.  He said managers keep a close eye on access to their fuel centers and pharmacies.

“We pay particular attention to the approach path to and from for fuel trucks at our fuel centers.  With so many senior citizens that have some mobility challenges in bad weather, we want to make sure that drive through access to the pharmacy is very clear.”

With more than 570,000 square feet, Jefferson Pointe has some of the most impressive snow mountains.  Marketing Manager Katrina Newman says crews have a systematic approach on where they put all of the snow.

“Obviously we want to get the merchants open. We have to clear off the sidewalks on the inside of the property, push it out to the parking lots, and then from the parking lots we push it out to the retaining pond,” Jefferson Pointe Marketing Manager Katrina Newman said.

Newman said it serves a dual purpose.  In the winter it holds a lot of the mall’s snow, and come spring it will help prevent flooding.

“We don’t want to overload the rivers here in Fort Wayne. So, when you do see all of this snow melt we’re not overloading the system.”

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