Potholes cause car trouble

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) If you’ve had some car trouble lately, especially due to potholes, you’re not alone. 

According to a salesman with McMahon Tire & Car Care, the beginning of the year is usually a slower time, but not this year.

 Customers have been coming in for alignment issues, batteries, hard starts, and of course tire issues. In a typical day, employees see about ten to 15 customers who need tires fixed or replaced. Just Monday, they found a bent rim.

NewsChannel 15 spotted a couple changing two flat tires. The driver said she hit some potholes this weekend.

“It popped both my tires and other cars were coming and they popped their tires as well, we was all stuck right here, about like four or five cars,” said Cyndi Rodriguez.

“It’s night and day difference as far as what we’ve seen. The roads are definitely quite a bit worse this year but that comes along with the weather we’ve been having too,” said Bryan Fadus, a salesman of McMahon Tire & Car Care.

If you hit a pothole the right way, other tire issues can include blowing the sidewall out, a gash, and hurting the seal on the wheel, causing a leak. Many times, drivers won’t notice that until later.

If you spot a pothole, the city wants you to call 311 with a specific location.



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