City crews have enough salt for Tuesday’s snowstorm, for now

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – City officials with Fort Wayne’s Public Works Department said it has enough salt for the next few snowstorms, but looking at alternatives to prepare for a salt shortage.

Franks Suarez, public works department spokesperson, said the city currently has a combined 3,000 tons of salt in three of its storage barns. Shipments of salt to replenish salt used came in throughout the day Monday. Suarez said the public works department may need more money for salt.

“We’ll probably have to request additional funds from the city council for salt,” Suarez said. “We knew as we had some severe storms at the beginning of January that might be the case.”

Suarez told NewsChannel 15 that Fort Wayne is also preparing for a salt shortage. The demand is high for salt in other cities, causing Suarez to spend the last couple weeks looking at other sources of treating the roads for the remainder of winter.

“We’re also looking at alternate sources of possibly trying out some type of other operations like beet juice or things like that to use on the main roads,” Suarez said.

Though Suarez is looking at other resources, he said he’s unsure if or when the city will buy and/or use other sources like beet juice.

Many neighborhood roads are still covered in ice. Suarez said it will be awhile before crews get to those roads because drivers are focused on the main roads.

“We won’t salt the entire street, but we try to salt the intersections in those neighborhoods,” he said.

Suarez said crews will be salting the streets as soon as it starts snowing, which could start late afternoon or early evening on Tuesday.

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