Terminally ill teen uses farming to help with adoption efforts

ALBION, Ind. (WANE) – Joshua Jank was adopted at six months old. Jank, now 19, has been an advocate for adoption is trying to help another person get adopted overseas.

Jank has been terminally ill with a liver and lung disease since last May. He’s been in hospice care since last August. Despite his health challenges, he’s stepping up to find funding to help a young boy in Asia find his forever family. He said there’s no task too big if you have faith.

“Nothing’s impossible with God, He’s on my side,” said Jank.

The way he’s working to raise money is through the website www.whyifarm.com, which is a photo and story contest for farmers. The farmer with the most likes will receive $25,000 worth of farming seeds. Jank plans to sell those seeds and use the money to help with the adoption fees.

“I was adopted too, and I feel like I should help someone else be adopted and find a loving family as well,” Jank said.

Brenda Jank, Joshua’s mother, is proud of her son for being selfless and showing compassion during this difficult time in his life.

“Seeing that answered a prayer and our greatest desire, that Josh has caught the vision of living beyond himself,” she said.

The contest ends March 4.

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