Report: Stabbing victim went home, slept before going to ER

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  A stabbing victim told his father on Thursday morning that he had been stabbed the night before and he went home, took a shower and fell asleep.

Police were called to a hospital on Thursday just before 11 a.m. after learning that a stabbing victim had been dropped off in serious condition at the emergency room, according to the police report.

Police spoke to the victim’s father outside the victim’s room who said he picked his son up to drive him to work that morning. The son apparently told his father he had been stabbed the night before at a gas station near Drexel and Wayne Trace in an attempted robbery. The victim then apparently went home, took a shower and fell asleep. The father did say his son had been drinking.

Police asked to look at the car the stabbing victim had been taken to the hospital in and eventually got the father to agree despite repeated complaints, according to the police report.

Officers did get a chance to speak to the victim after a hospital transfer. The victim said he was stabbed during a struggle near the gas station and that he had managed to get the knife away from the attacker and toss it away.

Officers then asked other units to investigate the location but no knife and no evidence of a struggle or stabbing was found. They also checked the snow near the victim’s house for traces of blood but did not find any.

Police checked several other addresses and a car after speaking with the victim’s sister at his home, but could not confirm where the stabbing took place.

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