Little people are hoping to make a lot of difference

Two local boys started a campaign to help build water wells in Africa.

Two Fort Wayne boys are on a mission to make a difference one Lego at a time.

Aaron and Isaac Greene  are collecting Legos and raising money to help build wells for clean drinking water in Sierra Leone, Africa. They said they got the idea of building a Lego display after seeing a picture in a magazine one night. They want to collect 4000 Legos for their display because that’s how many children die from a lack of clean drinking water in the country.

“The dirty water gives kids dehydration, and that’s one of the big killers in Africa,” said 11-year-old Aaron Greene.

The boys are also partnering their campaign, Little People Matter, with an organization called Let them Laugh Out Loud which builds clean water wells in Africa. All of the donations they receive will go directly to the organization. They want to raise $6,000 which is the amount of money it takes to build one well, but they are hoping to eventually be able to build more.

“Four thousand people die every day, and me and Aaron want to change that,” said seven-year-old Isaac Greene.

They launched their website last Monday, and in just a week, they’ve already raised more than $5,000 and collected around 500 Legos. They want to keep collecting money, so they can possibly build more than one well. The two have had a large amount of support from people in the community, around the country, and even as far away as Turkey.

Aaron said the Lego display will be 30 feet wide and four feet high. It will be detachable, so the boys can take it to different schools and churches around the area in order to spread the word.

“They’re going to be like whoa that’s a lot of Legos, but they’re also going to learn how many kids die in one day,” Aaron said.

Likewise, their father, Scott Greene said, “They no longer see these legos as toys. They see them as tools to make a difference.”

For more information on ways to help Aaron and Isaac,  visit


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