Local Purdue students talk about shooting

Purdue shooting memorial

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WANE) – Purdue University students had no classes Wednesday, after Tuesday’s shooting that killed a fellow student.  NewsChannel 15 spoke with students there to see what had been on their minds ever since they heard the news that Andrew Boldt was killed.

“It was just scary because you don’t really know in that situation what that guy’s intentions were,” Jessie Hanselmann, a Purdue student, said.  “Is he after everybody, or one person?  You don’t know how dangerous they really are.”

Cody Cousins, who police believe is behind the attack, was taken into custody just minutes after police say he killed Boldt inside the Electrical Engineering Building.

Hanselmann said she had a class about an hour after the shooting happened.  She added that classes were not canceled yet, and that she had not gotten word about it from her professor, but decided it was best to not go.  “I can’t force myself to go out there,” she said.  The university ended up canceling classes for the rest of Tuesday later that afternoon.

“The students want to be safe,” Austin Parker, another Purdue student, said.  “I think that’s the main thing because when it all hit, it’s not really something you can plan for.”

Parker said the first thing he did was call his brother, who is also a student.  “Once I knew he was fine, I called my parents,” he said.

Parker is the son of former Purdue basketball player Eugene Parker.

Wednesday was a very snowy, windy, and quiet night on campus.  With classes canceled for the day, few students were walking around, and very few stopped by the steps of Hovde Hall where a makeshift memorial has been created to remember Boldt.

“You don’t think it can happen to you,” Hanselmann, a Homestead High School graduate, said.  “You hear about Virginia Tech and other campuses, but in West Lafayette, nothing ever happens here.  For that to happen, it just shook everybody up and rattled our heart strings, I think.”

Classes resume Thursday at Purdue.  “Class tomorrow is going to be weird,” Hanselmann said.

Both students who talked with NewsChannel 15 said they thought the shooting would be the top topic for discussion in class, and thought it would actually be discussed during class time, too.

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