FWCS explains temperatures and delay process

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort Wayne Community Schools, and other districts around the area, are left with tough decision about whether or not to cancel school due to severely low temperatures.

A school leader with FWCS explained the district’s policy Wednesday when dealing with the cold.

FWCS will cancel classes if the actual temperature or the sustained wind chill temperature is 20 degrees below zero.  If parents believe it’s too cold for school, they can call their child’s school and report an absence and explain it’s due to weather.

“Some parents aren’t going to agree with what we decide,” Krista Stockman, a FWCS spokesperson, said.  “That’s why we ultimately leave it up to them if they don’t feel it’s safe for their children to go to school.”

NewsChannel 15 found a couple parents who have already called schools this year and said their children won’t be attending for the day due to the cold.

“There are days where the schools say the kids are going to school, and I say not mine,” Carla Montgomery said.  “He’s not going to go today.”

Montgomery has had her middle school-aged son stay home once this year.

“Any time it’s been freezing cold like this, I call in,” Brenda Krugler said.  “I think it’s been three or four times this year.”

Krugler’s son has a nearly two-mile walk to North Side High School.  She said she’s glad the school excuses the absence, but rather see school be canceled so he doesn’t miss the time in the classroom.

“They’re left to make up the work,” Krugler said.  “Any staff member within two miles should have to walk themselves in this weather if they’re going to make the students.”

Krugler added that with the expected low temperatures Thursday morning, she planned on telling her son he could sleep in because it would be too cold to go to school.

School days have already been canceled so far in 2014, forcing FWCS to push back its final day of the year.  Right now, the last day of school is scheduled for Wednesday, June 4.

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