Fort Wayne woman fights for her life after being diagnosed with H1N1

A victim of the flu fights for her life.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Lisa Bockelman was diagnosed with H1N1 last December. Since her diagnosis, she hasn’t been getting better.

“Slowly, everyday she started going downhill. About the time she really started getting bad and they transferred her to anther hospital, they realized it was H1N1,” said Keith Miller, a friend of Bockelman.

Bockelman was getting so critically ill, doctors transferred her to another hospital in Michigan that could better care for her. She’s still in a Michigan hospital recovering. Since her diagnosis, she’s missed Christmas and New Year’s Day with her daughter. She’s still battling respiratory issues and more.

“Watching her progressively get worse has some consequences that are life changing to her,” said Miller.

Health officials have reported 19 flu-related deaths in Indiana this flu season. Doctors at Parkview Health said they’ve seen about 40 cases of people with flu-like symptoms, which is higher than normal. The people affected by this deadly virus are people between the ages of 20 and 55. Doctors usually say young children and the elderly are more vulnerable to the virus.

“Flu season is here and we are starting really to see a big increase,” said Dr. Scott Stienecker with Parkview Health. “We don’t know why the folks that are in that middle age range are so affected though.”

Bockelman, 44, was a healthy woman before getting the flu, said Miller. He said he’s never received a flu shot until recently.

“It’s made a big impact on our us as a family,” said Miller. “To watch her there with the issues she got, makes you look at things differently.”

A benefit fund has been set up for Bockelman. Contributions can be made at any Three Rivers Federal Credit Union under the “Lisa Bockelman’s Fight” fund.

If you wish to follow her recovery, click here.

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