Purdue shooting causes brief panic at IPFW

IPFW campus
File Photo - IPFW

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Students and staff on IPFW’s campus this afternoon had a brief moment of panic after a confusing alert was sent out following the shooting on Purdue University’s main campus.

“We wanted to make sure that people on this campus were aware that it wasn’t at IPFW’s campus, so a text message was sent out here,” Eric Norman, the Dean of Students, said.

However, the problem was that some people don’t get Purdue’s alerts, so the following alert was the first message they received.

>>> IPFW Alert < 1/21/2014 12:42 PM >>>
ATTENTION IPFW Fort Wayne. There is no active shooter on the IPFW campus.

“We are at a subcampus, so when I first found out I was like wait are they talking about IPFW or was it the main campus,” junior Karrington Craig said.

However, within minutes IPFW sent out a clarifying message.

>>> IPFW Alert < 1/21/2014 1:09 PM >>>
ATTENTION IPFW Previous message was to clarify confusion resulting from report of active shooter at West Lafayette.

IPFW focuses on taking proactive measures to hopefully decrease the possibility of a shooting on campus. The campus police work directly with students and know student cases pretty well. Staff members also offer group sessions that tackle stressors like anxiety.

“A lot of things can be addressed on the earlier side before they become a lot larger and more difficult to tease out,” Norman said.

IPFW has a crisis management committee that meets regularly to go over various scenarios and national trends that could happen on campus and make plans for how to handle them if they should occur.

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