Group tries to tackle Affordable Care Act concerns

Hoosiers for Common Sense organized a forum on the Affordable Care Act Sunday afternoon.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Dozens gathered at the Allen County Public Library Sunday afternoon to learn more about the Affordable Care Act.

This is the third forum Hoosiers for Common Sense has organized to help answer questions about ACA. However, they said there are still a lot of people  with questions about the effects of the new law.

“What it can’t do is solve the health care or health insurance and coverage problems that we have in the United States,” said Abraham Schwab, PhD, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at IPFW.

Officials said it does help healthcare become more affordable for low-income people, and it decreases the possibility of people going bankrupt because of medical bills.

“The real issue is whether or not you think someone has the right to go to the doctor when he or she is sick,” said Edith Kenna, one of the coordinators of Hoosiers for Common Sense.

There are plans on the marketplace that cover deductible costs as well as make premiums a small part of an annual income. However, people will pay a higher premium based on salary. It won’t take away anyone’s Medicare or Medicaid, but it will make it harder for some.

“It’s a very real concern because there will be some people who are not eligible for the exchanges who simply won’t have the option of Medicaid,” said Dr. Jonathan Walker, who helped organize the event.

Health officials said nearly 200,000 Hoosiers will be unable to get any type of healthcare because the state didn’t expand its Medicaid program making some too poor for healthcare coverage under the new act but too rich for Medicaid assistance. Some said the law is more of a reform to health insurance than it is on health care because insurance companies are still making a profit.

“The law tries to increase access to care,” said Dr. Walker. “It tries to get insurance companies to accept all comers.”

If people still need assistance to sign up by the March deadline, they can set up an appointment with Neighborhood Health Clinic which helps people navigate the enrollment process.

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