Fort Wayne man builds remote-controlled snow blower

Man shovels snow in driveway

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A Fort Wayne man built his own remote-controlled snow blower this winter.

Aaron Makin can now sit inside his warm home while the machine cleans his driveway at the same time.

Makin, who was an engineer student at Purdue, said the creation was originally a remote-controlled lawnmower.  “I’m just a nerd,” he told NewsChannel 15.  He added he’s always wanted to find creative ways to make things easier.

He made the lawnmower this summer, and had the project finished in August.  He said he can mow about 75 percent of his lawn with it before having to finish up manually.

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The converted snow blower has chains on the tires to help with traction.  Makin said the invention isn’t perfect yet, and thought it needed more weight to become more practical.

He said he would keep working with it to make sure it’s good enough to get the job done.

There is a chance of more snow this weekend so this snow blower could come in handy this winter.


Residents battle cold temperatures

Other people found themselves having to clear their driveways after the New Year’s Day holiday.  NewsChannel 15’s weather department reported Fort Wayne had 7.5 inches of snow on Thursday.

“Boy it’s coming down and it’s coming down hard,” Doug Starost recalled of the snow storm.

He and his son spent the afternoon snow blowing and shoveling out the driveway for Doug’s wife.

While the task went by quickly, Starost said he isn’t looking forward to the next few days where its expected to be even colder.

“That is just brutal,” Starost said when asked about his thoughts on subzero temperatures.  “It just takes your breath away.”

NewsChannel 15’s weather team is predicting that Tuesday’s high temperature will be two degrees below zero.

“This is why I need vacation days,” Dave Edsall said.  “Just burrow inside.”

If you plan on staying inside for the upcoming cold days, have extra blankets near by in case your furnace goes down.

A manager at Korte Does It All said his office will get 300 calls a day from people with furnace issues.  On Thursday, a technician from the business had to fix Best Winter Hats’ furnace, after it broke down earlier in the day.

The owner said it was better to see it go out when it did, rather than next week when the Arctic air arrives.

For the latest updates on the weather, check out WANE’s forecast page. You can also check out these winter weather safety tips by clicking here.

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